Top 10 Reasons Why A Boat Party Is The Best Daytime Activity in Ibiza

Boat Parties are some of most appealing and fun activities to enjoy in Ibiza. If you love to party, to meet new people and to enjoy open air activities, a boat party in Ibiza is something you definitely shouldn’t miss. No matter if you’re traveling to the island with your couple (or crush), with your friends or by yourself, we promise if you join one of Ibiza’s best boat parties, you won’t regret it!

Dancing the hottest tunes while the sun comes down, enjoying Ibiza’s blow minding natural landscapes while meeting fun and nice people – can a party get any better? Our answer is: YES! And we tell you how. These are the 10 main reasons why you shouldn’t miss Oceanbeat’s Boat Party this summer:

1. You will have the chance to meet new people!

There is no inconvenient time to meet new people, especially if you are in Ibiza where people are usually open minded, fun and sociable. A Boat Party is always a good chance to make friends as the environment is quite relaxed.

2. You will sunbathe while you are having fun!

If you are a sun addict or you simply love to be a little bit tanned, a Boat Party will become your favorite plan in Ibiza: Dance, chat and enjoy while you sunbathe (always with solar protection!)

3. Is like enjoying a club party but open air

Ibiza’s amazing weather makes possible to enjoy parties not only indoors but also outdoors. For those who truly love party, Ibiza’s boat parties are the perfect option to start partying during daytime and finishing party after at one of Ibiza’s best clubs!

4. You enjoy the sunset from a privileged venue

Main advantage of daytime boat parties is that normally you have the chance to admire the sunset from the boat! Do you know people say Ibiza’s sundown is some of most gorgeous and impressive ones?

5. Enjoy the coast in a different and more exclusive way

Sail the seas and discover blow minding natural and exclusive spots you don’t have access with your car.

6. Show off your best beach or pool outfit!

Take this opportunity to wear for the first time your new and stunning bathing suit. Also, what is better than dancing bare feet and without heels?

7. Enjoy a swim in the open sea

Normally, if weather conditions are good, Oceanbeat’s crew allow passengers to dive into water and swim a little bit. You will experience the great sensation of swimming in the open sea and to cool yourself if temperatures are high.

8. Practice your English/German/Italian level meeting people from all over the world!

As you know, Ibiza is a really international island. Most normal is that you meet people from all over the world, so take the advantage to practice foreign languages while enjoying a drink.

9. If you are single, it is possible that you meet someone interesting to share your time with! 

Are you single and looking for your soul mate or just someone to hang out? Oceanbeat’s Boat Parties are the best occasion to find a crush or even to find love!!!

10. Music, drinks and the Mediterranean Sea.

Drinks free bar, techno and chill out music and the Mediterranean natural environment. You really need more reasons to join a daytime boat party in Ibiza this summer!? Get your tickets NOW by simply visiting this link.

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