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TOP 10 Must-do Things in Ibiza

  1. Explore Dalt Vila’s labyrinthine alleyways

Built in the 16th century, this fortified town – home to el Castillo de Ibiza and all the legends that come with it – is a welcome refuge from the beating sun during the day, and a beacon of liveliness, laughter and limoncello at night. The streets are transformed into open-air restaurants, with everyone hoping for a seat outside, feet firmly rooted on the five-hundred-year-old slabs of stone that pave the ways. Further up, towards the castle, the alleyways grow so narrow that even the restaurants have kept away, and you can lose yourself in the dark maze, only to be rescued by the odd friendly cat or dog. The buildings have been preserved magnificently and are a sight to be seen – but consider it a workout to get to the top.

Dalt Vila Ibiza
  1. Catch waves at Cala Comte

Although perhaps not quite a surfer’s dream, the waves at this beach serve as a fun addition when splashing around in the shallows. As it is located on the West side of the island, you can admire game-changing sunsets here. There is a bus too!

Cala Comte
Cala Comte ibiza
  1. Squander a lazy Sunday afternoon at Benniras

When you’re tired of San Antonio and Eivissa, consider heading further North, towards the one-of-a kind Cala Benniras, known for its tried-and-tested affinity of drawing hippies to make music, love and definitely not war! Another good spot for watching the sunset: not only do your eyes feast on the colours of the sky, but you are treated to a little concert of drums if you’re smart with your timings…

(Sunday evenings, you’re welcome)

  1. Snap insta-worthies at Time and Space

If you’ve never been to England’s iconic Stonehenge, don’t worry, Ibiza can fill that void for you. Just next to Cala Llentia and Cala Codolar, if you know where to go (allow google maps to intervene here), you may stumble across a circle of tall slabs of stone. Unlike the English Stonehenge, the identity of the artist is well within our realm of knowledge: Andrew Rogers. On the West side of the island too, it renders as a sunset-surveying spot too. You will need a car to access this remote location, but it can be easily combined with a visit to Es Vedra, so plenty worth it. We recommend going in the evening when the heat is less intense, as there is little shade, and bringing a picnic basket to enjoy on site.

Time And Space
Time And Space Ibiza
  1. Potter around the stalls of Las Dalias

Another way of immersing yourself in Ibiza’s ever-evolving hippie culture since the 1960s, would be to visit the hippie market of Las Dalias. Go on Saturdays, morning till afternoon. We recommend heading over before lunch and wading through the swathes of different treasures being offered: from natural oils, to goats cheese, to shawls, to handmade quartz rings. You will find something that catches your eye! When the classic case of shopping fatigue takes control, sit yourselves down in the newly renovated, beautiful open-air restaurant and replenish your energy with a hearty Spanish lunch.

  1. Swim with the fish of Sa Caleta

Yes, another beach, but this one really stands out from the crowd. Why? It is surrounded by cliffs of red clay, so red that they seem to glow in the bright midday light. Another super spot for taking photos and you won’t be the first to climb up to a crevice in the cliffs and take an “oh-so-candid” photo there.

The location is easily accessible since it is not far from the airport and this cala is home to a restaurant that has proven itself to be well worth your money.

  1. Walk in the footsteps of Freddie Mercury at Pikes

A lesser-known place to spend your evenings would be Pikes Ibiza, a retro hotel, nestled in the foothills of San Antonio. Having said this, it is extremely underrated and offers an idyllic rural evening atmosphere, with just the right amount of fiesta sprinkled into the mix. Come for a drink by the pool and explore the eclectic hotel property, but always remember, Freddie Mercury was here first…

  1. Feel the magnetic draw of Es Vedra while the sun sets

Mentioned briefly in connection with the stone circle, Time and Space, Es Vedra is a rock island just off Ibiza’s western coast. Its dramatic formation and jagged silhouette provides a reason to let your jaw fall open, especially when a fiery sunset as backdrop is there to accompany it. Drive with the car and then walk the last few hundred metres. If you need to get rid of some more pent up energy, you can hike up to the stone tower, that is visible from the viewing area. Please don’t ever try to actually go to Es Vedra, a.k.a climb onto it, as it is a government-protected nature reserve. Legend has it, that Es Vedra is one of the most magnetic places in the world and it remains unexplained to this day, as to why.

Don’t simply believe – go yourself and let us know if you can feel the magnetism!

  1. Jump into the light at Cueva de la Luz

Not for the faint-hearted, this cave requires a bit of a hike to reach but rewards you with a beautiful freak of nature. Look down and you see a cave filled with light. Only way out once you jump into the light-scattered water, is by climbing back up the slippery rock or holding your breath and diving out to open sea under the rock. So please, tread with caution and if you are not a strong individual, do not think about jumping in. It’s a spectacle from above as much as it is from below.

  1. Escape reality with the OCEANBEAT boat party

Now offering three hours of premium open bar including even COCKTAILS (red, white and cava sangria, mojitos, caipiroskas, softdrinks, beer), the boat is more ready to get you fucked up than ever before. This is 2022, after all. The year where we no longer hold back, and we party for three summers in one.

Jump into the turquoise water at the remote Amante Bay and replenish your strength by trying the locally sourced paella that is prepared in front of your eyes by our head chef, Nuria. Vegetarian options are available.

Oceanbeat Ibiza Boat Party
Oceanbeat Ibiza Boat Party

Go crazy under the Balearic sun and forget about everything else with the help of our live DJ and entertainment team.

Remember, what happens on the boat stays on the boat.

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