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 With a new season, a new year and a seemingly new and fresh post-covid (that shit better not be coming back) era, like many companies around the world, we have made a few adjustments to what we offer. Don’t worry, we are not talking about more restrictions, but rather the grand entrance of our new party boat.

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Let us tell you a little about what you can expect from your next Oceanbeat boat party… This boat is designed exclusively for crazy party events, not for ferrying people from A to B. This boat is all about enjoying the ride from A to B, stretching yourself out on one of the four-poster sunbeds on the deck, just a stone’s throw from the pulse of the DJ booth. Forget rows of plastic seating cluttering the top deck, as many other party boats typically try to get away with, this top deck is covered in dancefloor.

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Adjacent is a DJ booth with potent sound system, that sets the tone for the party. Whether you’re directly in the midst of the ecstatic energy of the dancefloor, downstairs, admiring the freshly prepared seafood paella come together, or your hair is treated to an au naturel blow dry in the chill out bow area, you are sure to be tapping your feet or whipping your head to the infectious rhythm.

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HINT: be sure to book Gold VIP if you are liking the sound of the four poster beds on the top deck…

To keep things interesting, this year our top deck has a jungle theme, so make sure not to get entangled by the luscious vines adorning the VIP sun beds.

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Descending from the top deck, you arrive in the bow of the boat, a prime area scattered with beanbags and low tables in case you to pull out all the stops and add bottle service to the program of the day. Feel free to chill out here, tan in the Balearic sun and gather your energy between bursts of crazy dancing upstairs. If you proceed down the steps to the lower deck, exquisite smells of onions sizzling and paprika-spiced seafood will meet you, reminding you to think of food and not just drink! Our Spanish chef, Ruben, will be diligently at work in front of the biggest paella pan you have ever seen! This is how you cook for 150 people, like an absolute boss!

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Cast a glance forward, and you will find the bar. Arguably the most important component of our new boat, this bar boasts a range of cocktails, white, red and cava sangria as well as beer for you to choose from. All chilled and ready to be knocked back by you. Forgot your purse? Don’t worry: everything is included.


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Feeling the sun a little too much? You can jump into the azure depths of the secret bay we take you to for the swim stop. Just please don’t jump while the boat is sailing – thanks, that would be great.

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Now that your senses have been captured on an imaginary tour of the new Oceanbeat party boat, all that’s left is for you to book that flight to Ibiza and join us before the season ends… We’ve had to call a rain check on 2020 and 2021 – don’t miss out on summer 2022.