Ibiza closing 2020 & opening 2021

Ibiza 2020 is over. See you guys on board in 2021 again.

Ibiza’s 2020 season has reached its end. Though, whether you can call these few quiet summer months a “season”, really, is up for debate. What probably can be agreed on is that we can look back at a year full to the brim with surprises. People, companies, governments, and international systems have been challenged to an unprecedented degree to combat this global pandemic. The implications of this crisis were felt even in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, on an island that has been known to provide an iconic sanctuary from cold reality.

For the first time in decades, Ibiza was part of the frontline. Here, one of Europe’s strictest lockdowns was enforced by Guardia Civil and, sporadically, even the military were seen combing the beaches. It goes without saying that the number of visiting tourists declined to a mere fraction of what the island has been used to in recent years. You could hear a pin drop on Playa d’en Bossa’s strip. Entire apartment complexes stood empty. Hĭ resembled a ghost town. For an island that relies exclusively on tourism to survive, this was no laughing matter.

Those few tourists that did not abandon their holiday plans and decided to come anyway, stepped not onto planes, but rather time machines. They were met with a version of Ibiza that had not changed since the fifties, an island ruled by the locals, by fishermen and by the odd hippy here or there. Without the normal influx of tourists, the world-class clubbing scene was put on hold and all the island’s other elements, often overlooked, came out of the woodwork. It was the powdery-white beaches, culinary delicatessens, undiluted culture and hidden natural gems that took centre-stage this year. We want to thank all the guests, with whom we still managed to enjoy unforgettable moments, even in this wild and wacky year.

The nightlife industry has taken a hit all over the world. Everyone, including us and YOU, is hyped for a 2021 season that should look very different. We are highly motivated to become the architects of your Ibiza 2021 season, to build something that will be worlds away from whatever 2020 had in store for you. No doubt, the wait will be worth it. Just imagine how surreal and wild the Opening parties of 2021 will feel, after the drip-feed of lockdown and isolation this year!

Our heads are in the future. We are already stuck into a plan of action, generating ideas to add an extra unforgettable taste to Oceanbeat’s opening parties in April. If you are finding it as hard to control your excitement as we are, you can check out our calendar for next season, which is already public. The opening boat party will take place on April 3rd 2021 and is set in stone. Further into the season, there are possibilities to book a boat party on each following Saturday in April.

2021 Early Bird Tickets

Oceanbeat Ibiza 2021 Early Bird Tickets are now available for €69.99 (standard ticket). But you can reserve your spot for a fraction of that price! You pay €19.99 when you book online as a deposit, then the remaining €50.00 on the day at check-in. In any case we offer our guests a 100% money-back guarantee for all tickets, as we know how turbulent the current climate can be. In the case of an event not being able to take place as planned, all tickets will be automatically refunded.

Apart from the new Opening Boat Party entertainment highlights, we still have lots of other surprises in the works!
Still curious? If you have any further questions for us, feel free to contact us by email at ticket@oceanbeat.es or by Whatsapp at +34628944809.

2020 was a test. Let 2021 be the prize!

Sunny greetings from Ibiza,
Your Oceanbeat Team

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