Top 5 Options Cheap Ibiza

Top 5 Affordable Things To Do In Ibiza When You Have A Tight Budget!

Everybody thinks Ibiza is a quite expensive place, especially during hot season (between May and October). This may actually be true if you don’t really know the right places or the plans. However, remember the say: “best things in life are usually free”. We couldn’t agree more with this statement. And, in contrary of what people usually say, you can also enjoy free or affordable plans in Ibiza if you choose them properly.

From Oceanbeat we want to advice you about 5 free (or really affordable) plans to enjoy your summer in Ibiza with a tight budget. Ready? Here they go

1. Dance to the beat of the drums in Benirrás You haven’t been to Ibiza if you haven’t attend the so called “Fiesta de los Tambores” (Drums Party) in Benirrás. This is one of the most traditional and iconic plans in Ibiza as it’s been celebrated for many many years. Enjoy the sound of the drums and feel the hippie environment of the island while watching the sunset from Benirrás Beach. This party usually takes place every Sunday.

2. Book tickets for a boat party!

Even if this plan is not free, it is one of the best quality-price options to enjoy a day in Ibiza. Oceanbeat offers the best music, drinks and environment for party lovers, as well as a more relaxed option for those who are seeking to enjoy a sunny day with their families from the sea. What else do you need to have the best day in Ibiza?

3. Watch the sunset from any of the iconic natural spots

Ibiza’s sunset is one of the most beautiful ones worldwide. You can watch it from many popular beach clubs while you enjoy a drink but you can also do it from any of the hidden coves, beaches or natural points. Our recommendations? The West coast of the island is the best point to watch the sunset in Ibiza and one of most special spots to enjoy it is from Es Vedrá.

4. Trekking or go on an excursion

Are you a lover of nature and adventure? Ibiza is definitely your island! Many people don’t know about this but Ibiza is the perfect place to walk or to do trekking while you discover amazing natural spots. One of top excursions to do is the Atlantis one, where you will discover ancient hippy coves and other natural hidden spots. Our advice is that you bring lots of water and good sneakers or boots. The excursion is quite hard but is is definitely worth it!

5. Snorkel in the crystalline blue waters

Balearic islands are famous worldwide for their crystalline blue waters. If you like swimming and snorkelling, your trip to Ibiza is your best chance to do it! Just grab your diving googles and enjoy the views and the quite water. And remember, if you decide to join Oceanbeat Daytime Catamaran, you will also have the chance to swim and snorkel in really special and unique places.