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Now that it’s 2019, most travellers and holidayers have come to the grand realization that TripAdvisor is the holy grail of, well, trip advice.

This is down to the transparency of TripAdvisor. Composed only of the event’s respective customers’ real opinions, what better advice can you take than the words of people who were exactly in your own shoes?
Our product is a party and a party is an experience. We want to hear your experiences! The boat crew goes to lengths every day to get to know individual party-brothers and party-sisters, and make your time with us on the boat as special as you deserve. After all, it’s not everyday you end up on a pulsing boat in the Med, cruising Ibiza’s jagged, shark-tooth shoreline.

Nobody wants to be sitting, staring into the depths of their laptop screen while on holiday. Truth be told, the glare of the Balearic sun won’t make it easy. The appreciation we have for the troopers who endure this to leave a review for us, is immense!
However everybody wants to be part of a competition. Consider this the Oceanbeat Review Competition (or ORC if you like Lord of the Rings). Will your review feature in the top 3 chosen down below?

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NO. 3:

Cool party!!

“Came here for the GOLD VIP experience! We actually missed the boat so they re-booked us to today and so we ended up pushing back our flight to make time for this party. We are SO happy we did!! The best afternoon to leave Ibiza on – book this party!!! The hostess had some crazy service. We will be back.”

The bronze award goes to Siobhan and her boyfriend, a loved-up couple from Australia. You guys had just about enough time to experience the party in between your make-out sessions in the back of the VIP area ;)

Thanks for the review and for pushing your flight back for us to show you what we are made of!

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NO. 2:

Great experience!!

An amazing experience. All 8 members of my family an I went on the daytime boat party and were in the Silver VIP area which was insane!! The music was great and there was a really good vibe as well as the swim stop which was fantastic and very needed after all of the Champagne showers!! Amazing service especially from a lovely lady called Lottie who did a great job and was very friendly and helpful- the experience would have been very different if she wasn’t there.

Thank you Emily, loved having your crazy family on board! At first we thought the party might be a little too wild for the parent-daughter combo but you guys took to it perfectly ;)

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NO. 1: 

Oceanbeat Boat Party – Gold VIP is best party of summer

My wife and I took a 2-week trip to Spain – from Pyrenees to Barcelona to Ibiza. The boat party with Oceanbeat was one of the highlights of the trip. Due to some very rare and unexpected wind and rain, our original tour date had to be cancelled; However, Oceanbeat immediately responded by giving us several options – to reschedule, together with complimentary tickets to a litany of clubs and parties (including Ushuaia and O Beach), or a full refund.

Fortunately, we had a few days left on our trip so we were able to reschedule. We enjoyed our complimentary tickets to a few clubs and parties later that day and the next, and returned on Friday for the boat party.

*Disclaimer: we purchased the Gold VIP Tickets.* This was literally the best decision we could have made, and well worth the money. VIP guests get onto the boat first, greeted with beer and drinks, escorted to a private shaded section at the back of the boat, with buckets of champagne and alcohol for all guests, and a Cuban cigar. The hostesses are literally knockout runway models, kind, attentive, and incredibly accommodating (shout out to Lotty and Fernanda)! The DJ is rad, the dancers are hot, the champagne shower bazookas are insane, the music is bumping, and everyone is awesome. Highly recommended, 5 stars.

Erik, you win our Gold Prize for your incredibly-detailed essay-review hybrid ;) Voted by our boat crew, your review gives us the best motivation to keep accommodating our guests to the utmost of our efforts! Come back and get your special Gold-Prize discount! You were a pleasure to have on board.

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