Each day of this month brings us a whole twenty-four hours closer to OCEANBEAT’S 7th BIRTHDAY on the 17th of August. That means that we’ve had seven summer seasons crammed full with boat-parties to optimise the OCEANBEAT experience. We’ve seen everything.

In times past our MELUNA has been too weak, our boat route too wavy, our security-guards thinking they are too cool and our dancers not completely bringing their A-Game. Thanks to our feedback round after every single boat party, our parties are constantly evolving and improving. Now our MELUNA is a delicate fusion of freshly-pressed, real watermelon juice and equally REAL vodka; the boat route has been sculpted to avoid turbulent patches of sea and to touch Ibiza’s untouched coastlines. The security-guards are hand-picked: we like bad-asses who don’t know they’re bad-ass. On top of that, our dancers are so hot you will feel yourself melting. No that isn’t the fault of the vibrating Mediterranean sun. It’s our dancers ;)





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Forget constantly yo-yo-ing between the lower deck and the top deck to combine drink and dance: our bar upstairs means that you can grab a sangria one second and be on the dancefloor within that same second. After all, we only have four hours to rock the boat together so time is precious.




Of course we now have an option for those who want to be treated like kings and queens throughout the four-hour stretch of party. This is IBIZA, not some random humid beach location. Allow yourself a gold-glass, Grey-Goose, Laurent-Perrier champagne kinda Ibiza experience. Includes a private, shaded section at the back of the boat with service from VIP hostesses and 100 Euro free-spend on our bottle bar.


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A new swim-stop destination has rendered the OCEANBEAT boat-party just unforgettable. No longer in Formentera (the first box on every tourist’s to-do list) the boat now pauses to let the guests spring into the water in Amante Bay.

Unlike Formentera, Amante Bay hardly ever appears on a tourist’s palm-tree-ridden, turquoise-stained Instagram page. The bay is small, private but too beautiful to miss out on. As a sign of respect to the few private homes on the shore and the beach club, clinging to the rocky cliffs, we lower the volume of our music. Well, we are having a party in their backyards.


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Oceanbeat is proud to welcome DJs from all over the world to play their sets for our guests. Plastikfunk and 2 Elements come from Germany and add their own spice and style to the boat party every Wednesday. The photo above captures the moment our DJ from Beijing, China blew a kiss out to the crowd.

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