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Calling all potential party people! If you do end up on one of our boat parties, see how many of these faces you can spot in the crowd. The party couldnt take place without our crazy customers but it also couldnt happen without the OCEANBEAT BOAT CREW. The crew comes in all different shapes and sizes; some have been here years, some haven`t. We are proudly international to match our party people who come from all corners of the globe.



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CRAZY and CREATIVE at the same time. He was honoured to play with stars like David Guetta, Ummet Ozcan, Yves V, Wolfpack, Erick Morillo, Tom Novy and many more.
With his Latin roots he follows the magic of the white island IBIZA.
His Balearic sound combined with house music, tribal and progressive music always brings the crowd to a different level.
Cris Ruiz played already in clubs of IBIZA like Amnesia, Privilege, Eden, Bora Bora, Sankeys, Es Paradis and his residencies, the biggest boat party Oceanbeat Ibiza.



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From London, this girl is part of the OCEANBEAT BOAT CREW for her second season now. Youll most likely see her in all red. But this girl is no Little Red Riding Hood: she can carry a Grey Goose bucket on each shoulder, twice the size of your head and brimming with quartzes of ice and champagne bottles. All this to the unpredictable motion of the ocean. Practice makes perfect and shes had lots. Her tips on staying vertical on a boat that does everything to get you horizontal?
1. ALWAYS have a wide base, stand with your feet apart and you wont be knocked over.
2. MOVE with the motion of the ocean. Embrace it.
3. DANCE and youll find yourself being thrown into dance moves you never thought you could do.






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Although most of her time off boat she spends as a dancer, on our boat Gabi is one of the two VIP hostesses. But this doesnt stop her from giving us a taster of her skills when the time is right, the beat is strong and the sun is shining.


Keep an eye out for this beautiful Brazilian. If you are nice to her she will hand you an icy mojito so make sure to play your cards right. She also has the cheeky habit of giving out shots of Ibizas liquid gold, hierbas.

This Frenchman walks around with a camera so hes hard to miss. Grab a friend with one hand and someone whose name you dont know with the other and get a photoshoot going. He is always happy to oblige. Photos are the best souvenirs.



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Officially the biggest boy on board – unless any customer wants to challenge that… No, he is not a security guard. He just looks like one. He is here to keep the party running smoothly and lift the MELUNA sky-high. Champagne showers are his speciality. If you win an arm-wrestle against him you get your OWN BOTTLE OF PROSECCO!



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With the energy of an Olympic medallist and the soul of a kid, Hugo is the LIFE of the party. The MASTER of the MOJITOS, so dont be shy; ask him to make you a KIWI MOJITO. We like to give our blog readers secret information and mojito opportunities to show you our love! Dont be offended if he sprays champagne into your mouth before saying “hello”.

Hugo is living the spirit of the white island IBIZA:

„La Fiesta Nunca Termina“.