Where are you a regular customer? At Starbucks or at Steak N Shake? McDonalds or Ryanair? Which company do you keep going back to again and again like a love-struck teenager? Just like anywhere else: we have our regular customers too, mixed in with our bubbling crowd of happy, unique faces.

Our mojitos and champagne showers have entertained more than 90,000 guests over the grand expanse of Oceanbeat existence. Thomas is one of them. Although technically, he is six of them.

Having boarded six Oceanbeat boat-parties altogether, he has had an overdose of indulgence: but he is still going strong. Thomas has known the workings of Oceanbeat for longer than the majority of our current employees. Flying all the way from Austria every year he comes sometimes with one friend, sometimes with a group. Ibiza has more than 10 boat party companies prowling the turquoise shallows: so why does he always come back to Oceanbeat without feeling the need to taste another boat party?

I wanted to find out. I was lucky enough to ask him a few questions…

What impresses you the most about OCEANBEAT’s boat-parties?

The mood, the sound, the seamless organization but most of all the pure, unapologetic fun with the other party people!

Oceanbeat Ibiza 3 8 Logo 011

What is it that makes you want to come back to us again and again?

Because it’s the best way for us to party, dance, meet new people and enjoy the vibes of the island. There are lots of nightclubs in Ibiza but far fewer options for activities during the day. Oceanbeat is the best thing you can do in the daytime.
And probably also because of Cris Ruiz. He just puts on really good tracks and makes sure the mood is unbeatable.

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Would you say the parties have been consistent year on year?

Basically, yes. There are always small changes (a different-sized boat, new layout of the bar and VIP area) but the mood was subjectively always equally good. Of course, it may feel different in the following years compared to the first time – because you already know what kind of crazy party you are getting yourself involved in…

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Name your OCEANBEAT highlight!

Puh, there’s so much to choose from… the champagne shower, the swim-stop for a bit of relaxation… but the interaction between the DJ and the audience probably takes the top spot.

Are you still in contact with anyone you have met through OCEANBEAT over the years?

With Arnold and Sam actually for 4 years, otherwise with other guests for the rest of the holiday of that year. Too many holiday friendships to mention all of them.





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