For the lucky customers, the Oceanbeat Boat always appears suddenly at 1:15PM, fully equipped with trays of ice-cold sangria and beer, dancers in red and mojitos begging to be gulped down. The boat may seem magical at times but unlucky for us: the kiwis don´t cut themselves, the mint leaves don´t pluck themselves and the speakers don´t wire themselves. That`s where our Oceanbeat boat crew comes in.

Let us take you behind the scenes and show you exactly HOW we throw our parties, from start to end.

While you are sleeping off the wild night in Amnesia in your fluffy hotel room, our boat crew is already up and on the boat. Our day starts at ten.

To answer the first of your questions: how do we get all our party gear onto the boat? The BANGBUS is the answer. It is no Porsche, but our white minibus has the all-important job of shuttling bottles of Moët champagne, Grey Goose and Bacardi, watermelons AND staff around the island. Shout-out to the BANGBUS for what it has had to witness: the name has not come from nowhere…

The BANGBUS does its rounds, pulling different members of the crew out of their beds – so that we arrive at Playa d´en Bossa altogether. We carry fruit and bottles of rum onto our boat waiting at the pier.

After grabbing a much-needed coffee from Bar Albatros, we run to the boat: knowing we won´t leave it until 5PM. Our sea legs are steeled.

The VIP hostesses cool the bottles in the freezer, prepare the VIP area and add cushions and golden-metallic goblets for that superfluous VIP effect! We try to keep the chopping board from flying off the table (the waves can be crazy) as we chop the fresh fruit. Limes are quartered and the mint leaves are plucked: what for? It could only be Oceanbeat´s signature MOJITO!

The MELUNA is another step altogether. I behead it with a knife to reveal the crimson watermelon flesh inside. Next, a special spoon is used to hollow it out, creating the ultimate cocktail carafe. Half of the scooped-out watermelon is pressed to produce juice; the other half is pounced on by hungry crew members. Trust me, we don´t let anything go to waste! I´m afraid the rest of our MELUNA recipe will have to remain CONFIDENTIAL. Passed down only from generation to generation of Oceanbeat Crew. What I can tell you, is that it is STRONG.

The DJ wakes the equipment and the sound system up from hibernation. Oceanbeat flags are hoisted high on either side of the boat. You can´t miss us. The boat begins to throb with music, even when the sound system is turned down. Momentum is gathered for the four-hour party ahead.

And on those lucky, lucky days when we have a handful of extra time, we all jump into the topaz-tinted water below.




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