O is for Open Bar: ours lovingly looks after you over the course of the four-hour boat party. It will cheer you up if you’re down, get you in the mood if you’re not and spice up your life if you let it.

Leave your purse at home, it’s on us.

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Our signature cocktail is of course the timeless classic, the MOJITO. Prepared with fresh limes, crisp mint leaves and a frosting of muscovado sugar, each mojito will leave you wanting another one. We call it our mojito-chain-reaction. It will trigger your more adventurous, spirited and wilder side: the one we want to see.

If you see a watermelon bobbing up and down through the crowd like a loose cannonball, put your drink down and say “hello” to our MELUNA.

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Get a taste of the island’s most iconic electronic tunes. Cris Ruiz, our international resident DJ, has graced the likes of EDEN, AMNESIA, PRIVILEGE and BORA BORA. He knows what he’s doing. As long as you’re not expecting Danza Kuduro or Call Me Maybe, you will be satisfied.

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I hope you don’t bring any matches on board because the atmosphere is so fiery it could ignite at the slightest spark. We are quite literally, all in the same boat. Three hundred adventure-hungry people brought together from all the dustiest corners of the world to live in the MOMENT for a single afternoon. When was the last time you really submitted yourself to the moment?

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Think of the Oceanbeat boat party as your pre-party. You can keep dancing your way into the island’s top clubs for no extra cost. You can choose free entry at NOT ONLY one but THREE different Ibiza clubs. And yes; these entries you can spread out throughout your holiday! No need for one night to turn into a marathon, racing from club to club – we wouldn’t do that to you…

(Our free club entries depend on the day of the week/party scheduled and are subject to time conditions; EDEN; ES PARADIS; AMNESIA; USHUAIA; HEART; O BEACH; PRIVILEGE)



Spain might be better known for its creamy tortilla de patata and peppery paella but its beer is a close third. Estrella is one of the main beer brands in this sunny part of the world and that is what will be in your glass.



I am afraid to say that the four hours on the boat always seem to whizz by in what feels like minutes. The entertainment keeps you on your toes: what will happen next?

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If the boat is the pre-party and the nightclub is the after-party then the “After-party” is where the REAL PARTY is at. Show some commitment and make the seven-minute walk down the beach to the acclaimed club, BORA BORA. Only the most seasoned party-professionals cross this finishing line to claim their free drink.



Tan while you dance the afternoon away on our sun-kissed dance floor. You are guaranteed to leave as deeply brown as the muscovado sugar in your mojito.

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