4 Coves You Should (Definitely) Visit By Boat In Ibiza!

Already planning your escape to Ibiza this summer? If you are on of those who like to plan the trips a little bit ahead, and you have no clue about what to do during your stay in Ibiza, you may like to grab paper and pen: You are about to discover 4 of most impressive coves and beaches of the White Island.

First you need to know about Ibiza’s beaches is that some of most beautiful coves of Ibiza are located at the west coast of the island. This is because the geography in that side of the island makes the water extremely clear and really similar to the Caribbean Sea paradises.

Something which is also good to know is that Ibiza is absolutely crowded during high season, so a good advice if you are planning to visit some of most popular coves or beaches is to do it by boat! This way you won´t have to find a parking spot and you can directly dive or snorkel into the turquoise blue waters.

If you decide to join the daytime catamaran tour by Oceanbeat you will be able to choose between two amazing routes that will discover you 4 of the most impressive coves and beaches of the entire island.

Route 1: Cala Comte – Cala Bassa

Cala Comte Ibiza

Cala Compte is one of locals´favourites beaches to spend a day in Ibiza, and there are good reasons that explain this. First, its super clear water is perfect to practice snorkel or to enjoy a relaxing bath. Cala Compte´s quiet and blue waters invite to spend most of the daytime inside, but if you consider yourself a sunaholic you can always relax and tan at Oceanbeat´s boat. In high season, this is one of most popular beaches, especially between tourists, so while sand is covered with towels won’t you rather enjoy the views from the boat deck?

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Comfortable, fun and beautiful. These three adjectives perfectly describe Cala Bassa. Also located at San Antonio Bay, this cove with golden sand and turquoise waters, is surrounded by mediterranean trees. We could say Cala Bassa is one of Ibiza´s most fun beaches as it is equipped with numerous chiringuitos, snack bars and beach clubs. Cala Bassa is also considered one of best coves of the island to enjoy the sunset. Do you imagine better place to see Ibiza´s magic sundown than one of Oceanbeat´s catamarans?

Route 2: Cala Salada – Islas Margaritas

Cala Salada Beach Review West Ibiza 974

Sometimes, when weather conditions are not the best, Oceanbeat offers a second route that is almost as great as the first option.

Contrary to Cala Bassa which is tourists number 1, Cala Salada is a favourite for locals, as well as for boat owners. Most characteristic about Cala Salada, apart from its beautiful clear waters, are the cliffs from where many tourists and locals usually jump from. You will fall in love with Cala Salada as it is one of most authentic and natural coves of the island. Definitely a magic place to discover the hedonism and spiritually of the island!


Probably one of most special places to go by sea in Ibiza as they are not really known nor exploited. Margaritas Islands (Ses Margalides) are formed by two tiny islands called Es Picatxo and Sa Foradada. The only way to explore this mind blowing natural formations is by sea. If you are lucky, you will be able to admire water siphons, hidden tunnels and natural caves.

Enjoy this exclusive and super fun plan for just 69,00€, a really competitive and affordable price, really hard to find anywhere else in the island.

Be aware that the capacity of the catamaran is limited so you may want to book your tickets in advance! Don’t miss one of best plans of the summer in Ibiza and get your tickets here.

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